EP 13 | 11 May 2020

EP 13 |

Welcome to Ep 13 from the Talkin Toowoomba Bunker, fingers crossed we might slowly be starting to come out the other side of iso!. In this episode, we talk about Business and how this pandemic has hit small businesses. We chat with Toowoomba’s MR Linkedin, Brendan Gobely, from Toowoomba.com.au , President of the Toowooomba Chamber of Commerce, Harrison Humphries, and Kate Ruijter from Classic Beauty therapy who is bucking the current trends and planning to open a new salon at Northpoint in July.
Now let’s get Talkin Toowoomba, with some news of the week.
We spoke of the assistance packages for residents last week, and the grants for sporting and community groups, well here is the updated information on this.
The Micro grant applications are now open for all community groups, including sporting organisations, with grants for up to $499. This is going to be done quickly, so you need to get IT done before close of business Friday 15 May, and applications can only be received via email.
The applications will be processed within a week of the close, with the successful applicants starting to receive funding forms by the end of May.
There is a link on our show notes and our website episode page, to the councils micro grant page.
Staying with the council, they have an upgraded and more user-friendly website, so check it out.
We will bring you more news as things start to re-open over coming months.
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