EP 14 | 18 May 2020

EP 14 |

Welcome to EP 14 Toowoomba, and it so great to report for the first time in a long while we escaped the bunker to meet and plan our next season with our great mate Tamara from Two Cents Worth. We have a positive vibe show this week, with restrictions slowly being rolled back we are looking to the future. We grabbed a quick chat with Anita from Fitzy’s, and unless you have been living under a rock, you would know they have started something amazing just last weekend. Are you one of many who have a new dog whilst in iso?, need some help and guidance, we talk to Sue Bloom from Dogknowledgy, about her training programs that are now up and going again. And for something very different we talk writing and poetry, in our creative corner segment.
Now let’s get Talkin Toowoomba, with some news of the week.
With further easing of restrictions, there is exciting news for some of our smaller cafes and restaurants around town, so support them where you can.
Recreational travel is now allowed with a maximum of 150 km within your region for day trips only.
Exciting news for all of us with our iconic parks open again, along with playgrounds, skate parks, outdoor gyms, and barbecue areas, in line with the Queensland Government’s roadmap, so please stay safe and follow hygiene guidelines, social distancing, and limits to gathering numbers.
Here is a link to the QLD road-map for easing restrictions.
The councils, “Change project” goes online from Today the 18 of May, “The online Healthy Habits-Keeping Connected program provides a low-cost four-week program that begins with a challenge on Monday 1 June 2020.“To get involved in the challenge registrations open from 18 May to 29 May through the CHANGE project website at www.tr.qld.gov.au/change.
Toowoomba Regional Council has reopened Cressbrook Dam to the public for recreational purposes after testing showed water met recognised safety standards.
This week is National Volunteer Week, so a huge shout out to all the volunteers around our great region, you are amazing and we do appreciate everything you do for this community, thank-you.
Did you miss last week? listen here
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