EP 20| 29 June 2020

EP 20 | Help save Highfields Pioneer Village

Welcome to Ep 20, this weeks episode of Talkin Toowoomba , This week we have a real community vibe, and chat with the Highfields Pioneer Village, about their struggles, the community support and the fantastic news that they will be reopening but they are still looking for our support
Now in News of the Week
The cinemas at Grand Central will open again this Thursday the 2nd of July, no date for The Strand at this stage but should be later in July.
For Businesses listening the increased Instant asset write-off has been extended to 31 Dec 2020. Eligible businesses now have till the end of 2020 to purchase assets, check with your accountant about eligibility.
Chamber of Commerce has launched their CBD Local Produce Map.
It highlights eateries within the CBD that support local producers, by showcasing their produce within their menu. The maps will be distributed around South East Queensland, as well as in Toowoomba’s hotels and accommodation.You can view the map on their website | https://www.toowoombachamber.com.au/toowoomba-cbd-local-pro…
Base Services have launched their homeless for a week campaign, go to homelessforaweek.com.au to donate or get involved in the Aug 3 sleep out.
See the links for all of these in the show notes or our episode page at toowoomba.com.au.
July 2 World UFO Day commemorates two dates.
June 24th, recognized as the first widely reported UFO sighting in 1947 by aviator Kenneth Arnold.
July 2nd commemorates the Roswell incident that took place in Roswell, New Mexico, in the same year. if you are not familiar with this google it!. After 1947, reports of sightings increased dramatically. So remember The Truth is out there……………………….
Now let’s get on with Ep 20.
What’s On
Local team Eat Digital, are running an online session called “Facebook Ads that work” 30 Jun at 6 pm for anyone interested in learning about that, check their Facebook page for event details
4 Brothers Brewing are holding their belated 4th birthday event, Grilling In the Name of It, strict restrictions apply with 4 sittings from 11 am Saturday, July 4 again check out Facebook to book.
Remember the Toowoomba Farmers markets are on this Saturday from 08 am under the windmills at Cobb n Co Museum Toowoomba Farmers Markets
And on Sunday from 06 am Toowoomba PCYC Markets at the PCYC Toowoomba
Well that is it again for another week, and that wraps up our first series thank-you to all those locals who have been our guests, in the first half of what has been a very strange year. See you again next week when series 2 begins and we navigate our way through the second half of 2020. Please Share, Subscribe, and reach out if you have a story to tell. Enjoy your week, take care, I’m Shane see you around Toowoomba.
Did you miss last week, have a listen to EP 19 here, all about the local icon the Empire theatre