EP 47 | Darling Fresh Smokehaus | 24 May 21

EP 47 | Darling Fresh Smokehaus | 24 May 21

Well hello Toowoomba, back supporting local business, we have a start-up this week!

Shane talks to Jeff Schultheiss, from Darling Fresh Smokehaus, about his brand new business, his business background and why he decidedthis was a good idea.

Darling Fresh Smoke Haus is a new Business delivering delicious innovative all-natural smoked meats and plant, ready to reheat and eat in <10min (wow).

Jeff Schultheiss, owner and cook, says:

“People are very interested in smoked foods, but not everyone has the time, gear, or expertise, and not every pit-master always gets the best results.”

“Deliciously convenient, with a shelf-life of weeks in the fridge and super-easy to reheat in <10min, we are calling these ‘Your Ace up the sleeve’: Easy wins for busy people.”


DF Smoke Haus is run out of Toowoomba on the Darling Downs by Jeff and Karen Schultheiss.

“Both Food Techs, we’re big on delivering fantastic products that are wholesome and natural.”

With a long history of professional food production and a big interest in smoking foods, Jeff has developed innovative processes to bring this range to market. The products all use delicious beechwood chips to produce a light smoke that is deliciously mellow and sweet, blending seamlessly with the all-natural spices to deliver genuine and honest flavour.

“With a way of smoking with real wood smoke, and reliably delivering honest, easy convenient pouches ready to serve in under 10minutes, we started market testing. The more people tried it and loved it, the more confident we became.”

“Darling Fresh Smoke Haus is another way we can bring our love of good-food-done-well to the many people who share our passion for wholesome, real, delicious foods.”


The Products are all ready to reheat and eat, sliced, pulled, and prepared for ultimate convenience. Each product has instructions for microwave and stove top reheating, quick and easy.

  • Beef Brisket – sliced
  • Pulled Pork
  • Pork Belly Bits
  • Smoked Plant (based on the ‘Fable’ plant-based meat alternative)
  • Smoked Mushroom burgers (BIG smoked mushrooms)
  • Pulled Chicken
  • Chicken thigh fillet – sliced
  • Smoked Wings, and
  • Smoked Spicy Jerk Wings

While the Products conveniently last for weeks in the fridge, they may also be frozen (mushrooms excepted), ideal for camping: pulled pork burgers in the bush: yum!


We have worked with a local Chef Ross Clark to develop an easy-delicious recipe for each product, including Gluten Free and Vegan options.

“Our recipes are deliciously fast, and many are interchangeable between products: Mix it up and have some fun!”


In a retail first, we’ve basted the incredibly tasty pulled mushroom Fable product in our in-house BBQ sauce, and smoked it for that extra flavour hit.

Fable is all-natural, 100% plant-based and made from real Shiitake mushrooms, delivering a meaty bite that goes so well in salads, wraps and tacos.

Fable Food Co | Plant-based meaty goodness with a story

We’ve also put our signature JS#4 rub on extra large field mushrooms and smoked them, for the most natural mushroom burger patty around. Super-tasty, these can also be sliced onto salads or pizza’s for that extra kick. Or use as an amazing stack-up add-on to a brisket or pulled pork burger.

“We have developed some fantastic plant based products, and since there just isn’t much of that available, our flexitarian-vegetarian-vegan friends started getting really excited!”


The best ingredients are the key to any good food, and we have taken lots of care in this space.

Darling Fresh uses 100% kitchen ingredients in all its meat products: nothing you wouldn’t find in your pantry or a supermarket.

“Most commercial ‘smoked’ products use liquid smoke, colours, flavours, preservatives, nitrates, nitrites, thickeners, gums, or acidity regulators. There are none of these in any Darling Fresh products, we don’t need these to make things work or taste good.”

People are confident that our products are real, honest, and delicious: just check the ingredient lists on the pack or the website, and compare with your regular smallgoods…”


Products are launching into Toowoomba and Brisbane retailers on Saturday 22nd May, as well as being available online, delivered via refrigerated courier directly to your door.

Initial home delivery is to South-East Queensland, with plans to expand into New South Wales and Victoria in the near future.


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