EP 7 | 30 March 2020

EP 7 – 30 March 2020

Welcome to Episode 7 of the Talkin Toowoomba Podcast coming to you from self isolation.
This week we talk to Alex Stalling from Tinker and Jaime from Hello Harry, 2 very different businesses but like most of us, have been forced to completely re-think their business model.
They are great examples of how we have all had to re-invent what we do just to try and survive.
They talk openly about their unique challenges in these tough times, and we thank them both for making the time, so quickly to chat with us in what has been a difficult week for everyone.
Our What’s On segment has now morphed into What’s online, so have a listen to what you can be involved in to keep boredom at bay.
Missed out on last week, take a listen
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