EP 9 | 13 April 2020

EP 9 |

EP 9 – Welcome to another episode coming from the Talkin Toowoomba Bunker as we embark on another week of self Isolation. It’s Easter Monday and it has been an Easter Holiday like no other in our lifetime. Hopefully, you have stayed safe and spent time with the family. In this episode, we talk to three guests that offer some great advice for families at home and how to cope with the new norm. We talk about new mums and what challenges they face at the moment, with Claire Eiser a registered nurse from After the Bump Child Health, and Sue from Red Gate Bowen Breastfeeding Clinic. Some ideas on what to do at home and in the home to use this time to be better organised and able to cope with the challenges ahead, with Suellen Sankey from Blue Lilac – Creating Organised Spaces. Thanks again to the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce for their continued support and motivation in these strange times. Now let’s get Talkin Toowoomba.
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